What Video Game Secret Blew Your Mind?

Many games include hidden Easter Eggs, collectables and secret levels, or cheat codes, hidden modes and bonus features.  These little nods to fans, geek culture, and other games serve to not only give a little wink to players, but can also help games generate some viral attention.

One of my secrets/Easter Eggs is in Hitman: Absolution.  Bear with me…

During the “End of the Road” mission, you’ll find yourself out in the middle of the desert with a guy you can kill or leave in the desert to fend for himself (and probably die anyway).  Or, you can have an ice-cream truck appear out of nowhere and run him over.  Heck yes.

To do this, shoot five vultures circling in the air above you, then stand back and watch as the ice-cream truck suddenly appears and careens into your target.  Here’s a clip:

The inspiration for this article is a WhatCulture Gaming video, where their team summarised their favourite video game secrets and easter eggs.  You can see the clip here:

What is YOUR favourite video game secret or easter egg?  Leave a comment!