So, I Bought an OUYA…

No, not me.  I’m not that silly.

In his latest video, YouTuber RandomGaminginHD picks up an Ouya for a whopping £5 and puts it through its paces.

In the video, he first identifies that the Ouya has a library or basic mobile games (no surprises there).  More significantly, he realises that the Ouya could be a decent emulation machine, as he plays a few PS1 titles on the system.

It will be interesting to see whether it will be possible to side-load emulators onto the Ouya once its core gaming service has been terminated at the end of June.  If they can, picking up a device capable of playing retro games up to the PS1 for just £5 might be enough to tempt me to make the purchase…

You can see the full video below:

If the Ouya could still be used as an emulator after its servers shut down, would you still consider picking one up for retro games?

Written by John

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