A Wii U games console turned into a handheld PC running Windows for Steam Streaming.

I Was Very WRONG About the Wii U

The Nintendo Wii could never be regarded as a commercial success.  In fact, aside from the Virtual Boy, it was Nintendo’s most critical commercial failure.  But, could we have all judged the Wii U a little bit too harshly?

Not only did the wii U have a selection of excellent first-party games, the system taught Nintendo everything that they needed to know in order to make the Nintendo Switch the success that it has become.

In this video, YouTuber Cleanprincegaming assesses the impact and legacy of the Wii U.  It’s well worth checking out:

Did you get a Wii U and, if so, were you happy with your purchase?


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  1. The article needs some editing…

    Else, I like my Wii U. It is not the best console I own but I prefer it for example to the Gamecube. I have a nice collection of games that I think are more than worth this console, among them: Xenoblade Chronicles X, Devil’s Third, New Super Mario Bros U + Luigi U, Bayonetta 2, Zombi U and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. I’m still missing Fatal Frame 5 and want to get it one day.

    Granted, many of the Wii U games were ported to Switch and are part of the Switches fame, now – sadly people neglecting the Wii U and think all those games like Mario Kart 8 or Zelda Breath of the Wild are Switch games while in fact they also were Wii U games in the first place even though Nintendo removed features from the Wii U version of Zelda (2nd screen support) to make the Switch version superior, that was a real dick move.
    The fact still stays, that the Switch would have essentially less great games if there wouldn’t have been a Wii U.

    • I think that the video summarised some of these points, but they are all valid.

      I personally didn’t get a Wii U (though am considering one for my daughter) but felt the urge to share the video as it made me care about the console. Until then, I didn’t really have a feeling one way or the other about it.

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