This Elite Dangerous Video Series Is A Must-Watch

As huge fans of Elite Dangerous, it is always a joy to find quality content being generated by the community.  My biggest complaint with Elite Dangerous is that it doesn’t have a compelling story – there’s a huge playground (well, space) and there’s lots of lore, but there isn’t a strong narrative to follow.

Enter DravenDarken on YouTube, with a YouTube video series called “DarkenSpace”.

DarkenSpace follows the story of Draven, a would-be pilot whose old life is ripped away, forcing him to embark upon a dangerous journey through the lonely galaxy.  The first episode was released in 2015 and since then there have been 8 created.

The series is exceptional, featuring excellent sound design, professional-quality voice acting and engaging camera-work, despite the in-game restrictions.

Intrigued?  Here is the first episode:

Watch the rest on YouTube.  It’s some of the best fan fiction you’ll see.