GTA 3 showing Claude in a black leather jacket shooting.

5 Rockstar Games MISTAKES They Want You To Forget

Forgive and forget?

Rockstar Games are one of the most well-respected publishers in the video game industry, thanks in part to the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption franchises.  Rockstar Games usually carry a level of freedom not seen in other titles, wrapped in a well-polished shell.

But, Rockstar aren’t perfect.

Remember when Rockstar Games shut down OpenIV, the popular modding tool, with a cease and desist order?  How about when they announced that there would be single-player expansions for Grand Theft Auto 5, only to release yet another set of vehicles for GTA Online?  And, while we’re talking about their Online endeavours, what about the way that Rockstar have shoe-horned micro-transactions into every possible component of GTA Online and Red Dead Online?

Those are just a few of the crimes that Rockstar Games are guilty of having committed – gameranx has put together a video of 5 mistakes that the publisher will want you to forget.  Check it out:

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