Glittertown casino from the Wario Land video game

Remembering Wario Land: Shake It’s Casino Levels

Remember to bring your gold coins.

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I’ve visited dozens of casinos. I love the sound of the slot machines paying out pennies, the sight of roulette wheel spinning and the tense atmosphere around the blackjack table as the night goes on.

There is something equally special about casino levels in video games that makes them difficult for me to resist. The visuals, the music, the ambience – it all usually comes together to create a fun atmosphere.  It helps that I can play then even when I’m broke and chilling in my underwear (real-life casinos don’t like that, just so you know).

Here’s when I’m going to lose internet credibility with an admission:

If there’s one casino in video games that does all of the above with a little something extra special it is…Wario Land: Shake It!  Yes, right read that right.

Wario Land: Shake It’s casino levels, Glittertown and Neon City, are some of the most enjoyable in an already enjoyable game. From the moment that the music kicks in, you know that you’re in for a good time.

Now, I’m not saying that it’s necessarily right to introduce gambling mechanics to what is essentially a kids game, but I’m not the right person to justify gambling in any form (if you’re concerned about gambling in video games, we’ve covered that in another article). What I am saying is that it’s great to find a fun little casino to have some fun in hidden within a colourful world packed with amazing levels.

An interesting fact for you: these two casino levels are the only two in the whole game that do not have enough coins to fulfil the optional “Collect X coins” mission, instead requiring you to find a hidden slot machine and score a few jackpots to collect enough.

The beauty of Wario Land: Shake It’s slot machines is that they are all down to timing, which means once you’ve cracked it, you’re onto a winner ever time.  And who doesn’t want to hit jackpot every single time?  It sure beats throwing real-world money at loot boxes, hoping for a virtual skin for a virtual gun.

Do you love gambling in video games?  If so, which are your favorite casinos or gambling games hidden within video games?  Let us know!

This article was made possible by NZ online casinos.