Riskers showing a top down view of an explosion on a road with a police car and two taxis.

Riskers Review

When crime pays better than grime.

Do you remember the abundance of fun you had driving recklessly with the top-down in the original GTA games? Well, savour those memories: Riskers is a shallow replica.

As  Rick Paradis, the binman with a criminal past, who stumbles across a suitcase full of cash, you’ll find yourself pulled back into the underworld of Stiltton City, apparently dubbed ‘the stuff of nightmares’. Though, I’m yet to be confronted by an army of towering, carnivorous Stinking Bishops — the only thing nightmarish is the cheesy storyline. Stiltton is not exactly exhilarating to explore either. Every street is almost identical and the map is perfectly square.

But hey, it’s not all bad. Riskers is striking and colourful; racing and rampage mini-games offer some respite from the lacklustre story; and comic book cut-scenes are endearing and reminiscent of Max Payne, and XIII (now there’s a blast from the past). The instrumental soundtrack, is also of decent quality and has a gritty and suspenseful vibe: which was comical as it incongruously played, whilst casually collecting rubbish in a sluggish garbage truck.

Comedy is prevalent in this game — and sometimes it’s even intentional. Comic dialogue is complemented by retro Batman punch-ups (‘POW!’, ‘BAM’), the ability to mow down enemies Rambo style while simultaneously doing the moonwalk and the erratic AI ambulance drivers pulling donuts and running over bystanders.

Riskers is a forgettable top-down action game offering a brief trip down memory lane and a few laughs, but you’re better off dusting off that old copy of GTA 2.