Super Meat Boy giving a thumbs up.

Super Meat Boy – Patient Gamer Review

Games Gone By are short retrospective reviews, taking a look back at games you may have missed.  Today’s game is Super Meat Boy.  

My first glimpse of Super Meat Boy came from Indie Game: The Movie – I had somehow avoided all of the hype surrounding Team Meat’s effort until then, having assumed it was a game for children due to the cartoony mascot.

I was wrong and thankfully Indie Game: The Movie showed me the error of my ways.

Super Meat Boy is a fun, quirky and challenging game, which resurrected the love I lost for sidescrolling platforming games back when I was barely a teenager. The different stages carry varied themes, often paying homage to the great titles of yesteryear, with various threats and challenges requiring different strategies to get to the finishing point.

I had feared that the challenging nature of Super Meat Boy would make the game an overly frustrating experience. In fact, the only frustration is knowing how to complete the stage and knowing you can do it…yet you click the jump button a fraction of a second early, or late, or hold it too long, or just don’t click it all, which leads to another restart.

Then you FINALLY nail it and feel awesome. It never gets old.

The game remains fun for both short bursts and long sessions and can be enjoyed equally on a mammoth gaming PC or a handheld device. Be warned, though, if you get Super Meat Boy on a mobile device, you may literally be unable to put it down.

If you love sidescrolling platformers, or if you used to in your youth, give Super Meat Boy a chance. You won’t regret it.

Thank you for reading.