EasySMX ESM 9110 Wireless Controller Review

As a PC gamer, I’m used to playing games using a keyboard and/or mouse and, for certain games, that is the best way to play. However, for games such as Yakuza, Red Dead Redemption 2—or any type of combat/FPS games, really—I feel a controller is a much more suitable option.

I was provided with an EasySMX ESM 9110 Wireless Game Controller for review purposes and, let me tell you, there couldn’t have been a better gamepad to improve my gaming experience.

The EasySMX ESM 9110 controller acts as an Xbox gamepad substitute and does a perfect job for those, like me, who can’t afford a gaming console nor wish to spend an outrageous amount of money on an official or customised product.

At the—affordable—price of € 30.38 (roughly £27), the EasySMX ESM 9110 controller comes in a little boxed containing everything I would need: the gamepad, the USB receiver, a USB Type-C rechargeable cable, and the user manual.

I’ve always thought that Xbox controllers were chunkier and heavier than the PS4 one I was used to, but the ESM 9110 is lightweight and not as big as I imagined, which actually works great for my hands. The anti-slip design is something vital when I am focused on gaming, and this controller certainly delivers.

The user manual provides detailed information about the game controller itself, as well as clear instructions to set it up, alongside the details on how to configure the four programmable buttons at the bottom of the controller (M1 M2 M3 M4).

To get started, all I need is to plug the USB receiver into my computer, press the home button on the gamepad and I was ready to start playing. The ABXY buttons and right joystick glow with cool LED lights, which can be adjusted between five levels of brightness. It is also easy to configure this controller with Steam.

The EasySMX ESM 9110 can be used with Windows XP/10/7/8/8.1 system computers and is also compatible with PS3 and Android phones, tablets, Android TVs and TV boxes, which support OTG function and version 5.0 or above.


When it comes to gaming equipment, rather than being up to date with the latest trends, I value its functionality, and the EasySMX ESM 9110 Wireless Game Controller is the perfect choice for my gaming needs.

If you are a PC gamer who is looking for an affordable yet premium quality gamepad, I cannot recommend the EasySMX ESM 9110 Wireless Game Controller enough.

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