Algo Bot showing a robot by the Algobot logo.

Algo Bot Review

Jonathan Birkenstamm reviews Algo Bot – should you BUY, WAIT or AVOID?

Algo Bot is a puzzle game based on programming. Yes, you heard right, a puzzle game that focuses on coding to solve its many puzzles. Developed and published by Fishing Cactus and released for Steam on February 14th, 2018. Algo Bot is a unique game that I haven’t seen before. One that I didn’t think would keep my interest, but man was I wrong.

You take the role of the operator, which controls an Algo-Bot, a service droid on a pan-galactic colonization ship. In order to control him, you must issue a sequence of commands with a visual programming language to solve the many puzzles presented to you. With the help of a PAL droid, who presents to you the story and objectives in each room, you will lead Algo-Bot through the ship to help stop a crisis.

Algo Bot contains over 40 plus puzzles to solve. Each puzzle is a room within the colony ship. You must guide Algo Bot from point A to point B to complete the room. Along your way, you may have to activate switches, carry and drop off items, and even open gates. All these are done by programming Algo Bot with a simple visual language that you will drag and drop on the main command line. The commands range from moving forward, turning right, turning left, U-turns, activate button, pick-up object, drop-off object, etc..etc. The command line has a limited amount of spaces, which adds to the challenge of the puzzles. So you have to be cautious with how many commands you can use in order to complete the room.

At first, the puzzles are easy to get you use to how everything works. Then they start to throw in other things into the puzzles such as Functions, If-Than Statements, Variables, and so forth. The puzzles really start to get harder and harder the further along you go. At the end of each room puzzle, you get a little scoreboard that tells you how many commands you used to complete the puzzle. It will also show you their recommended amount of commands to use for that puzzle room. If you go over their recommended number, the puzzle will still succeed but the game encourages you to go back to that puzzle later on to get a better score.


I will admit that at first, I didn’t think Algo Bot would keep my interest. But with how simple the puzzles are to use, and the challenge of figuring them out, kept me playing. There were plenty of times I just had to sit back and really look at the puzzle to try and figure out the pattern in order to complete the sequence. It got me thinking, and that is what really kept my interest. Easy to use programming language but challenging puzzles.

If you like puzzle games, I would highly recommend giving this one a try. Algo Bot is a surprising treat for the mind and for only $9.99, it is hard not to give it a try. Can you complete all the puzzles?

Final Verdict: BUY