Academia: School Simulator Review

I love this game! Design, build and manage your school. Climb the rankings to be the top of the ivy league. Complete grants to earn extra money and improve your school and its ratings. Hire various staff members, build a plethora of rooms and beat out the other schools for number one.


If you’re looking for a customizable sim experience, this game is it! From the very start, there are countless options to choose from. The school crest will be your first project, followed by your difficulty and uniform, school pet and principal. Once inside the game, you will choose from different walls, floors, and even fencing!


Grants are your key to success in this game. They are your goals and will help guide you through building your school with various goals and tasks. The first one is the tutorial grant which walks you through the basics of building your school. From zoning to building the walls and the floor to furnishing the room, you will do it all!


There is a large variety of staff to hire in this game. It starts with the principal but only grows from there. You will hire various members of the administration, teachers and then school staff. From lawyers to councillors, nurses to cooks, you will need and hire them all!

All in all, this is an entertaining game, and the options are seemingly endless. Once your school is built and your years start, you will need to manage and expand upon your school. This game comes with endless possibilities. Will all your students drop out? Will you be a top ivy school? Or maybe all of your students will become ill. In the end, the fate of the school is mostly up to you!

Verdict: BUY