Got Wood? Woodwork Simulator is coming to PC

The team behind PC Building Simulator swaps blue screens for splinters.

Woodworking is one of those things I wish I was good at, but the thought of stepping away from my PC to face dust inhalation, splinters and chiselled fingers just doesn’t appeal to me.

Fortunately, developers The Irregular Corporation have announced details for their upcoming title Woodwork Simulator, meaning I can make a shoddy table from the comfort of my gaming chair.  That’s a win!

Accompanying the announcement is a playable build., which gives players the ability to follow build project templates, or build more creatively in free build mode.

After sawing, planing, lathing, chiselling, swearing because you did it wrong, undoing, chiselling again, glueing, and drilling, players can finish their projects with a selection of oils and paints before showcasing their work with the game’s photography system.  Or, just delete it and never speak of it again, depending on the results.

You can download the pre-alpha build for free now.

Written by John

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