Tech Support: Error Unknown Could Be More Interesting Than It Sounds

Have you turned it off and back on again?

Tech Support: Error Unknown sounds like a weird call centre simulator.  A call comes in, you ask them to turn their computer off and on again, and you move onto the next one.  Boring.

The good news is, the game actually sounds infinitely more interesting than that.

You are a tech support specialist, a new employee of Quasar Telecommunications.  You work from home with a purpose-built computer, interacting with customers remotely and solving their problems.  Standard stuff.

Fortunately, solving tech issues isn’t the aim of the game – you’re able to mess the customers around or delve into their personal files and information.  You can find blackmail material, track their movements and stalk them.  Creepy stuff.

While going through your duties, you’ll discover that there is more going on around you than meets the eyes.  Tech Support: Error Unknown boasts a “story-rich adventure” loaded with twists, turns and conspiracies.

Here is the announcement trailer:

The official Steam page mentions several endings and gameplay being unlocked depending upon your choices, meaning that Tech Support: Error Unknown, putting a strong onus on player choice.

The Tech Support: Error Unknown is not yet available for pre-purchase but is expected to release in February 2019.