Songbird Symphony Demo Review

A heart-warming journey of discovery, through rhythm and music, as orphaned chick ‘Birb’ sets off to find his true origins.


Songbird Symphony is an indie adventure rhythm game developed by Joysteak Studios and published by PQube Limited.

The story is very straightforward from the beginning, you play as the orphaned chick Birb, and you must embark on a journey to find out who your parents are. Getting attached to Birb is unavoidable, his excitement for dancing and music is so contagious!

Along the way, Birb encounters other creatures of the forest—who may help him with his search for answers—and collects feathers that can lead to discovering secrets and the lore of this magical world.

And then you get to the fun part, which is playing the rhythm game! Don’t worry, though, the friends of the forest will help you learn new notes as you engage in catchy musical segments that will challenge your rhythmic skills. Join the choir and press notes in synchronization with the music to sing along!

What I also love about this game is that you can aid the creatures of the forest to find hidden musical notes scattered across the levels. It’s like having mini-games inside the game itself, which I find very cool, and you get extra layers of beats that will complement and blend with the already tuneful music.

The very clever fact about this demo is that it leaves you on a cliffhanger (at least the demo I played, as it seems there could be different demos based on which platform you play them on), and that makes me want to play the full game even more.


I’ve been intrigued and curious by this wonderful musical game for quite some time, it’s got everything I would wish for an entertaining game to be. The story is beautiful, and you can’t help but being caught in Birb’s enthusiasm for music and dancing. The soundtrack is fantastic, and the stunning pixel graphics are a sublime feast for the eyes. I played the demo on my YouTube Gaming Channel if you fancy having a look at how the game is like.

The full game is available on Steam, Playstation Store, and Nintendo Eshop!