A screenshot of Sapu showing a pathway.

Sapu Is A Top-Down Action RPG With Atmosphere For Days

Sapu’s dark atmosphere is infectious.  The top-down action RPG was successfully Greenlit by the Steam community in April 2017 and continues to develop.

Sapu features a supernaturally gifted young boy called, you guessed it, Sapu, who is tasked with using his abilities to save humanity from an untold evil.  The world is moody and beautiful in equal measure, managing to look impressive despite utilising a top-down perspective.

Oh, and the water effects and gorgeous.  Just saying.

Check Sapu out in the video below:

To follow Sapu through its development, visit sapugame.com.  Those who sign up for the mailing list will also be the first to receive updates and demos.


Written by John

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