A hospital with rooms.

Project Hospital Is A Serious Two Point Hospital

And It’s Out Now.

Project Hospital is out today, bringing a hospital management game with its feet firmly planted in reality. While Two Point Hospital had illnesses like Denim Genes and Jest Infection, Project Hospital will task you with dealing with realistic injuries and diseases.

The level of detail is impressive. There are authentic medical processes and equipment to utilise, while real symptoms can be used to correctly diagnose patients.

Visually, Project Hospital doesn’t have the charm of Two Point Hospital and seems to be rooted to the Theme Hospital-era, but what it lacks in graphical quality it more than makes up for in the incredible little details that the developers have added to provide a more authentic experience.

Oxymoron Games has released the below new launch trailer, which provides an overview of the game, including creating rooms, adding equipment and some of the gameplay mechanics that you’ll need to utilise to run a successful hospital.

Project Hospital is available on Steam for £22.49, reduced from £24.99.  If you’re bored of Two Point Hospital’s tongue-in-cheek take on the world of healthcare, it might be worth picking up.