Protesters outside the British Museum of History in Not Tonight.

Not Tonight: Papers, Please Meets Post-Brexit Britain

Not Tonight presents a worst-case scenario of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.  It’s dark, complex and politically charged.

“Work hard, stay out of trouble and we might let you stay in the UK.”  It’s hard to imagine the virtual world offered in Not Tonight becoming a reality but, all the same, it’s a fascinating warning of what could come if the situation is not managed delicately.

Players take control of a European citizen seeking asylum in the UK, a country they once comfortably called home, facing with the choice of either getting deported or take on a newly designated role as a ‘Bouncer’.  In the new role, players are responsible for managing the entrances to a variety of establishments, vetting those who wish to enter and turning away those who do not meet a set criteria.

Checking dates of birth, verifying holograms and monitoring expiry dates on ID for a range of different nationalities forms the bulk of the gameplay, though the tension will continue to build as players are exposed to racial profiling and blackmail.  The better you do your job, the more comfortable you’ll be, though you’ll have the option to risk your own well-being to help those in need our of a tough spot should you wish.

Not Tonight is provocative and very obviously an anti-Brexit title.  Beyond that, though, it is a very well-written title with British cynicism and humour down to its core.

Papers, Please was a huge success and Not Tonight has the potential to provide an equally memorable experience.  Due for release later this year, it’s definitely one to watch, regardless of what you voted.