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The Long Journey Home is FTL Meets No Mans Sky

The Long Journey Home is beautiful, challenging, and out now.

From the bridge of your ship, you see a million points of light. Only one of them matters. Home.

The Long Journey home dumps you and your crew of four on the other side of the galaxy with a damaged ship, limited supplies and, well, a long journey home.

Along the way, you will encounter fifteen different alien species, each with their unique quirks, agendas and…tastes.  Exploration is key, and players will have important decisions thrown at them relentlessly as they try to negotiate the best path to return home.

The game boasts enough dialogue to complete two novels and offers a significant amount of replay value as you learn from your mistakes, experiment with the various crew combinations, and die.  A lot.  Experimentation is the key to eventually completing your journey alive.

Check out the release trailer:

The Long Journey Home is available GoG and Steam for £30.59, which includes a 10% discount to celebrate the launch.