A corridor in HEVN.

I’ve Found HEVN (The Game, Not A Typo)

Immersive story-driven sci-fi game, combining the style of System Shock and Deus Ex with more contemporary survival mechanics? SHUTUPANDTAKEMYMONEY.

I’m a sucker for sci-fi; I love to see different people’s visions for the future. Sometimes that involves the apocalypse (usually via nuclear means, let’s be honest), but my favorite windows to the future involve technology, impossibly tall metallic skyscrapers, neon lights and robots.

Hevn moves away from the soft glow of the cyberpunk-themed dystopian world of Deus Ex, into the realms of spaceships and the bleak existence of mining on a distant planet. Of course, this includes survival mechanics and shooting aliens in the face. Boasting an immersive story with depth, the foundation is there for this to be the next Greenlight success story.

Here is the Description from the Official Steam Page:

In 2128, the world’s population is struggling for a better future. The Earth is hot, overcrowded, and divided by technology. With no options left, Sebastian Mar decides to join a dangerous celestial mining mission light years away.

Hevn is an immersive, story-driven sci-fi adventure, set on an isolated planetoid orbiting a distant star. As Sebastian, you’ll navigate the physical and political dangers of Nomoni Inc’s highly controversial celestial mining efforts.

Although assisted by robots and a central AI system, you’ll still have to use your ingenuity to survive. Watch your health, fatigue and mental state to make it by on this faraway rock. But as you find yourself caught up in a twisting story of interstellar intrigue, you might find yourself with more than your own survival on your mind…

Inspired by classic immersive simulations such as System Shock and Deus Ex, Hevn is a survival game with a difference: one that invites you to investigate a series of rich environments and uncover a complex and human story.

The moment you insert System Shock and Deus Ex into the same sentence I can’t help but instinctively reach for my wallet.

The key features of Hevn are listed as:

  • A richly interactive environment. Read magazines, wear different clothes, use devices and machinery, talk with robots, and much more!
  • A simulated world, including a day/night cycle and random events
  • Use your in-game tablet to communicate with family and friends back home, as well as managing your current situation
  • Explore the world on foot, or use the hovering Cargo Transport to traverse the terrain with ease
  • Eat, drink, sleep, or take medications to help you survive. Hunt alien life forms and harvest plants for food. But be wary, as no resource is infinite…
  • Learn about the world by reading datagraphs for hundreds of objects. The more you read, the more expansive the story becomes
  • Use in-game currency to purchase upgrades, food, medication, and more – or send money back to your family
  • Use tools and weapons to survive – fending off critters and solving puzzles
  • Textual localization support for many languages including French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and more…

The Official YouTube trailer is below:

If you’re a fan of Deus Ex, System Shock, or just sci-fi in general, remember to head over to the Steam Page to Greenlight Hevn. It has the potential to be a brilliant game with enough support.

GrownGaming have been given a preview build of the game to check out – we’ll be sure to share our thoughts in the coming days.