How to Write an Essay about Video Games and its Impact on Students’ Life

The essay consists of three parts – introduction, main part, and conclusion. An essay always contains a thesis – the main idea, the position of the author. The thesis can be at the beginning of the essay if the author already has a point of view on this problem, or in the conclusion if he comes to it as a result of reasoning. With all this in mind, it’s not surprising that most parents are concerned about the impact of video games on children today. As sociological polls show, many of them consider it expedient to severely limit the computer pastime for their children since they believe that it will not lead to anything good. But, we must not forget that any thesis must be supported by two or three arguments. The arguments, in turn, should be illustrated with two examples.

Algorithm for writing an essay

The following algorithm of actions will help to cope with the task:

  • Carefully read the instructions for the assignment and the proposed topic of the essay;
  • Draw up a plan for the described three-part structure: write the thesis and come up with arguments and examples supporting them;
  • Write the text without exceeding the specified volume;
  • Recheck the text two or three times and correct mistakes;
  • Hand overwork on time.

This topic is quite complex, so it requires good sources to confirm your opinion. If the task seems too difficult for you, you can write an essay for cheap, there are many services to help you write an essay, for example, But if you want to express your opinion, and you have enough reasoning for a good essay, then read the following recommendations.


The task of the introduction is to grab the attention of the reader: ask an exciting question, confront him with a paradox, a contradiction. The introduction should intrigue the reader so that he cannot resist reading the rest of the text. Before we can say anything, we need to look at several studies related to gamers. Video games are one of the many activities people use to control their mood and maintain their emotional state. People play games for different reasons, and you need to describe the essence of the problem and it is in the introduction.

Statement of the thesis

A thesis is the author’s main idea, expressed in one or several sentences. A thesis formulation is a formulation of the main idea of ​​the text, which is consistent with the question or topic posed. If the examiner asked: “What is the main idea of ​​this text?”, Then the answer would be exactly the thesis. It is important to remember that a thesis is not an objective truth, not a proven fact, but a subjective opinion that can always be argued with. That is, at this stage, it is important to express your personal opinion about video games and their effect on students.


Any statement must be based on a foundation. The basis for the thesis is the arguments. One paragraph should be allocated to one argument and examples. Give your reasons for the opinion about video games, and of course, do not forget to indicate why you disagree with the opposite point of view. Examples include personal experience and, if applicable, links to statistics, forecasts, research. Answer the most common questions like “Can video games encourage players to be violent and addictive?». Arguments should prove the author’s thesis, not refute it. Moreover, they do not have to prove another thesis. Only those thoughts that have already been expressed in the text should be argued, and examples should be given strictly to the corresponding arguments.


The purpose of the conclusion is to summarize the reasoning. To do this, you need to briefly reformulate the thesis, if it was at the beginning of the work, or put it, if the author decided to place it after the arguments. And yet, answer the question “Do games change us for the worse?” Psychology is too controversial a science to answer such a question, especially when it comes to something as new as video games. Therefore, it is rather easier here to take one side and back up your opinion with research. The conclusion sums up the reasoning, not develops it. There is no place for new information in the conclusion.

List of sources

In an essay on the impact of video games on students, it is very important to cite the sources – this is a list of materials that the author refers to in his work. It is appropriate to refer to various works, scientific research, statistical data, statements of authoritative specialists. Also, keep in mind that research should be done within the last five years. To register a source, you need to indicate the name and surname of the author, the name of the source, the year of publication, and an electronic link, if necessary.