Why Do Some People Think the Nintendo 64 Wasn’t a Success?

BY IVAN MACHEV: Gaming had reached a whole new level after Nintendo released the Nintendo64. Gamers went head over heels over the numerous games in the console and especially the 3D graphics, which were much improved over what else was on the market at the time. Nintendo’s new machine’s graphics had gamers around the world hooked with their eyes on the screen and had become very competitive while enjoying every aspect of each game. This was the moment when Nintendo64 had set the bars high for its competitors. It was a major trendsetter.

Let’s find out if the Nintendo64 was truly victorious or not here.

Is Nintendo64 really a success?

It is a very debatable topic because of many underlying reasons. Let’s dig deeper into this and find out if it was a success or not. 

First of all, Nintendo64 was the talk of the town due to the many new things that were introduced which no other gaming companies ever did. So in a way, this aspect can already be considered as a parameter for its success. With the analogue sticks and the 3D graphics that gave a sense of realism in the game plots, the Nintendo64 was already appreciated by the majority of people. 

That being said, it did not disappoint the gamers with the games as well. They came up with some of the most innovative and engaging games with plots that were impressive largely. The Nintendo64 was the talk of the town as soon as it released. People ranging from all ages and every place played with the consoles.

If it has made so much impact on everyone, it surely can be considered as one of the revolutionary games invented at that time. Though with tough competition from other major companies, it tried its best to give the Nintendo64 console whole new gaming experience with a twist in its making. 

The technology used and the games which were designed in a very creative manner along with crazy sound effects where even after years people remember how good their childhood days were with the games, it could have never been designed better. The makers seem to have put their heart and soul into it before bringing it in front of their audience. The most famous and most talked-about among every single gamer was the Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Series. If one has a flashback of their childhood days, these games will come to their mind. Such was the effect of the Nintendo64 console. It was the most favourite games, and it still is among everyone born during that time.

But why do a few people say that it was not a success?

While a majority of people say that it was a massive success, there is a small portion of people that argue it cannot be considered as a success. But why cannot it be considered a success? They believe that a few games were not up to the mark and were awful. Awful can be a strong word indeed. Also, with the game library having very few games compared to the rest, it cannot be considered as successful than the rest. 

But what do you think? Because it has a few drawbacks, can we consider it as unsuccessful? Were the new innovative designs like the joystick and the graphics not good enough? Did the Super Mario series lack something? Is that why everyone remembers it even now? You see when even now every one of that generation remembers it for what it was back then, there is no doubt in telling that the Nintendo64 was a classic. The drawbacks can be ruled out completely, but even with it, it still and will remain the best games of that era no matter what. One can never forget playing the Super Mario games on the basic computers back then, which was so much fun. It’s nostalgic. One can never get those days back. 

Present scenario of Nintendo64

Since there has been an extravagant change in the technology over the past few years, to make sure the Nintendo64 fans are not disappointed, now they can easily play these classics on their PCs and relive the golden era. You can play these retro games on n64 roms now and have fun by connecting with your teenage years. You can even introduce these classics to the present generation. But sadly, with so many games that can be played on androids, they might not even find it good enough or can never understand the deep connection that we have with the Nintendo64. However, we can surely relive the moments once in a while with these being online now. It is important that at least someone has to bring back the classics so that it will be of some importance and give true justice to what it has created back then.


We have seen that Nintendo64 can never get out of our minds no matter our age. Maybe even when we become old, we might tell stories to our kids but, that time it will merely be a history. But we have tons and tons of stories about our childhood where one can write a book on it. It is surely cherishable throughout our lives. So, in that way, Nintendo64 can and should be considered as a success because of what it has left us with. The memory is etched on our minds like a tattoo which could never be possible if Nintendo64 had not come up with the best of the games and the real-life gaming experience. 

It is a success because it is evergreen. It is a success because it made our childhood more fun. It is a success because of the graphics and catchy sound effects. It is a success because it has made people remember it even now. No amount of money can replace the good memories. Though it did not have all the best games, it is remembered for the ones that made our lives the best. Such is the imprint that it has left us with. This deep bond can never be replaced by any other games for sure.