What Exactly Is A Browser Game?

For those of us that are familiar with gaming knowing and understanding what a browser game probably seems like second nature however there are some people out there that don’t know as much about games as others but would probably find themselves enjoying a few of the options that are out there. 

A browser game is a game that is played on your computer or laptop purely over the Internet using a web browser. This means there is no need for a disk, paying for it in a shop or downloading anything. They use standard web technology or plugin to run making them handy and simple to use. There are all sorts of browser games including, single-player, multiplayer, car games, simulation games, role-playing games and many more. Browser games can be played on several different devices and now they can be played at home and on the move. They tend to be popular with both regular gamers and casual players. 


You will find that the majority of browser games are free-to-play and don’t require you to download any software apart from a plugin for your browser such as Flashplayer. Which most people using the web will already have installed anyway. Be wary that In some cases, a game may be free but then charge for extra in-game features, if you find a game that you enjoy this might not be a problem but it does put some people off. Try looking at the reviews before you get stuck in. There is a range of different games including multiplayer options, so if you like to play alongside others or compete with them then there will most likely be one for you. Some even focus on social interaction with others from a small group the hundreds of people. People tend to play these sorts of games more frequently and for shorter periods of time merely because they are so easy to access and navigate. 

Web Standards

Browser games will use technologies like HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript for the design, and running off. Some, however, have limited success because they aren’t all compatible with every browser, therefore, they don’t run or at the best quality. You will often hear the phrase dynamic HTML thrown around by anyone who has a hand in designing these sort of games. 

You will also find that dedicated graphics technologies will be used in order to make these sort of games work the best and be appealing to the users. 


There is a wide range of browser games, most likely something that will suit everyone. Some of the most popular include, role-playing games where you build a character and train them up to complete tasks, simulation that includes games like the popular SIMS that everyone has come to love and Chance/luck games such as Coinpop that allows you to win prizes or earn points that you can later cash out through Paypal. 

This is only a short overview of what a browser game is and why you may like to give them a go. Do you have any favourite games that people should be trying? Please share them in the comments section below. 

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