Sonic and Knuckles playing video games as adult gamers.

Video Gaming Field: Facts & Numbers

Video games have become a progressively popular form of leisure over the years. This industry is diverse, catering to a wide range of interests and preferences. Every genre brings its own unique gameplay mechanics, storylines, and challenges. But do you know that video games are not only meant for entertainment? They can also serve as educational tools. Many educational games have been developed to teach various subjects or enhance specific skills in a fun and engaging way.

It is not the only interesting fact about this field. We collected the most prominent facts and statistics that will surprise you.

How many people will relish video games in the coming years?

Uncharted 4, Drake gaming on the couch with a friend as an adult gamer.

If we look back we can see that the number of players who liked spending free time with video games was equal to nearly 2 billion. However, this number always increases. For example, it is expected the period from 2023 to 2025 will bring 3 billion gamers all over the globe.

The biggest area of video games

When it comes to the largest market of video games, the first country that comes to our mind is China. No wonder! It presented numerous games with a total income of around 49.5 billion dollars.

Adult population and video games

Of course, people used to think that video games are for children and teenagers only. But is this true? Actually, more than 39 percent of gamers are people aged 18-35.

How are the biggest fans of video games: ladies or gentlemen?

It is not a secret that men like games more than women. Here we want to provide two examples. Nowadays, more than 58 percent of players are men. In addition, they fancy visiting online casinos more than girls. For example, Australian men prefer playing at Wolf Winner Casino; they do it more often than Aussie ladies.

The size of the gaming industry

Imagine only it is bigger than films and music together! The number of its income will surprise you for sure! It was more than 200 billion dollars in 2022! As for the world film and music corporation, it earned nearly 26 billion dollars.

More than 50 percent of players prefer mobile devices

Bowser with a mobile phone gaming.

In 2019, the profit from mobile gaming reached an impressive 92 billion dollars, making up 53 percent of the total income for this industry worldwide. At the same time, people tend to play iGaming games using mobile gadgets too. For example, top online casino Australia is a place where more than 59 percent of players use their smartphones.

Do you buy video games online? Modern players do so

In proportion to ERA, digital downloads accounted for a staggering 90 percent of total video game sales in the previous years. At the same time, physical deals made up just around 10 percent.

How many Australians have a gaming console?

Australia is a country of games. People tend to play various video games as well as casino activities. As a result, nearly 90 percent of Aussies own as a minimum one type of gaming gadget.