Play Video Games With Cryptocurrency: What’s Possible?

How relevant cryptocurrencies will become for the gaming industry is not yet clear. However, bitcoin has already revolutionized various industries and business sectors. Likewise, cryptocurrencies are also already playing a role in the gaming world.

The Crypto Casino Guide shows, among other things, which online casinos already accept payment with the cryptocurrency.

The crypto market is progressing

In the future, various software companies plan to work with the cryptocurrency. For example, various blockchains are to be integrated into the games. A short time ago, the manufacturer Ubisoft from France announced that the Ethereum blockchain will be integrated into various games. As a result, it will be possible to buy things in the game in the future, which can then be paid for using the blockchain technology.

Currently, however, it is still completely unclear if and when it will be possible to pay with Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. But Ubisoft is not the only games manufacturer that has decided to integrate cryptocurrencies more strongly in the future; many other manufacturers are considering payment with cryptocurrencies.

This is the role cryptocurrencies can play in the gaming industry

Payment with cryptocurrencies and blockchain functions could be used to pay for new products in the game. This means, for example, cards, weapons and other items that can then be paid for easily and simply with cryptocurrencies. Many large game producers are already talking about these transaction options or have already implemented them.

As a player, you benefit from this digital payment because you can achieve certain goals much faster here, for example. Blockchain as a new technology thus offers the potential to revolutionize the entire gaming industry.

If you just think about the characters that gamers can create themselves and then sell to other gamers with the help of cryptocurrencies in the game, the possibilities and potentials quickly become clear. In addition to characters, other content can also be sold. In this way, the ecosystem in the game can be virtually co-created. Thus, the games can not only develop much faster, but also be designed interactively.

Legislation and the impact on the revolution of the gaming industry

It is precisely legislation that prevents the introduction of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin as an official means of payment in many countries. This applies to the field of eSports, for example. Some countries in Asia have a much more liberal approach to this issue.

In Europe, on the other hand, many governments have still not decided on clear regulations for dealing with cryptocurrencies.

The situation is somewhat different than in Germany or Austria, for example, in neutral Switzerland, which is much more open to Bitcoin. Likewise, the legal situation is currently not clearly clarified with regard to cryptocurrencies. The company Ubisoft, which is headquartered in France, has great relevance here with regard to the integrations of cryptocurrencies in the games.

Play online with cryptocurrencies

In the meantime, however, there are already some online casinos where you have the option to participate in the gaming action with the help of cryptocurrencies. The Crypto Casino Guide shows which casinos already offer the possibility to pay with Bitcoins. The selection of games here is gigantic and these casinos of course also enable extremely fast payment at the same time.

Of course, in addition to slot games, there are also many classic table games to choose from. In addition, a Bitcoin bonus is also offered for some games. That is, if you decide here to play with cryptocurrencies, the casino grants a bonus. Gamers are often provided with a virtual welcome package after they have decided to create an account at this casino and actively play there.

The deposit of credit

With the deposit of credits new gamers get a welcome bonus in the form of, for example, Bitcoin credit. In addition, free spins and additional bonuses can also be obtained by making a deposit. Usually, the bonus is credited after certain deposits are made to the casino.

But the selection of promotions and opportunities vary greatly depending on the casino. It is not uncommon for recurring new promotions to be drawn. In this way, it should be possible for gamers to have fun and enjoy getting to know new games all the time.

With the current state of affairs, it can definitely be assumed that the relevance and use of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum will continue to increase in the coming years.

Already, many marketplaces in games and outside of games are functioning with digital cryptocurrencies. Online casinos in particular are already increasingly relying on cryptocurrencies.

Does the cryptocurrency “Quarters” have a chance?

12-year-old George Weiksner wants to take a completely different path. He and his father have developed a new cryptocurrency that is to be used across games and platforms. He wants to get as many game developers as possible to support his cryptocurrency “Quarters”, which can be used to purchase the items or decks of cards mentioned above in the games.

The idea is considered exciting by many, but investors are currently still reluctant, which is not least due to the young age of the CEO of Pocketful of Quarters.