Valorant Update 7.06 – What’s New?

Valorant received a minor yet noteworthy update on September 19, 2023. So, let’s check out the Valorant update 7.06, exploring the changes it brings to the game and how they impact the player experience.

Minor Tweaks with a Major Impact

Loading Time Optimization

One of the standout features of this update is a significant improvement in loading times. Riot Games has implemented a new method for loading accessories, resulting in faster loading screens. While this change may seem minor on the surface, it can greatly enhance the overall gameplay experience by reducing downtime and getting players into the action more swiftly.

Competitive Updates

The Issue Of Rank Boosting

The issue of rank boosting has cast a shadow over the competitive landscape of Valorant, tarnishing the integrity of the game. Rank boosting refers to the practice where higher-ranked Valorant players team up with lower-ranked friends or players seeking to artificially inflate their rank.

This collaboration results in Valorant matches where the skill disparity between teams is too big, often leading to unfair and frustrating gameplay experiences. The consequences of rank boosting extend beyond individual matches, as it can distort the overall competitive ecosystem by inflating ranks and undermining the credibility of the ranking system.

Players who engage in rank boosting not only undermine the competitiveness of Valorant but also diminish the sense of achievement for those who genuinely earn their ranks through skill and dedication.

Party Queue Restrictions

In response to the issue mentioned above, update 7.06 introduces new restrictions for party queues in competitive play.

Now, Ascendant players and higher can only invite players with Platinum rank and above to their party. This measure aims to address the rank-boosting problem and create a more balanced competitive environment.

Anti-Botting Measures

Botting abuse has been a growing concern in Valorant, negatively impacting fair gameplay. Riot Games is taking a proactive stance against this issue, emphasizing their commitment to maintaining the integrity of the game.

The developer has stated that they will continue to actively monitor and take strict actions against accounts found to be engaging in botting abuse. This reaffirms their dedication to creating a fair and competitive gaming experience for all players.

Sage’s New Voice Lines

Adding Personality to Sage

Sage, one of Valorant’s iconic characters, receives a touch of personality in update 7.06. While these changes are primarily cosmetic, they inject a bit more character depth into the game. For instance, Sage now has voice lines where she addresses Jett by her name, and even references the popular “Jett, revive me” meme. These additions add a layer of charm to the game, making the characters feel more alive and relatable to players.

∙ “Sooo Sage. When Are you going to teach me how to revive people, huh?” Jett

∙ Jett, you- That’s not how radiates wor-, Oh I see, you’re joking. Hilarious.”

Bug Fixes for a Smoother Experience

Squashing Annoying Bugs

No game is without its quirks and occasional hiccups, and Valorant is no exception. Update 7.06 addresses several bugs that have been affecting the player experience:

∙ Unintentional Player Reveal: A rare bug that could reveal players unintentionally after purchasing a weapon has been fixed. This ensures that stealth tactics remain effective as intended.

∙ Spike Plant and Defuse UI: An issue where the Spike plant and defuse UI bar didn’t appear for minimal HUD observers has been resolved, enhancing the clarity of in-game information.

∙ Vision Cone Flickering: Players will no longer experience the distracting flickering of vision cones at the start of a round on the Sunset map.

The Bigger Picture

In summary, Valorant update 7.06 may be characterized as minor in scope, but its impact is far from insignificant. The introduction of competitive party queue restrictions and the commitment to combating botting abuse demonstrate Riot Games’ dedication to maintaining a fair and competitive gaming environment.

Moreover, the optimization of loading times and the addition of new voice lines for Sage, while relatively small changes contribute to a more enjoyable and engaging gameplay experience. The bug fixes address frustrating issues that players have encountered, further enhancing the overall quality of the game.

This update reflects Riot Games’ ongoing commitment to refining and enhancing Valorant. It serves as a testament to their dedication to making the game better for all players and leaves us eager to see what exciting developments they have in store for the future. As Valorant continues to evolve, players can look forward to a more polished and enjoyable gaming experience with each new update.