Totally Reliable Delivery Service Is Out Now – And Free for a Week

Totally Reliable Delivery Service has released today, for everyone who has got the pang for completing more deliveries after finishing Death Stranding.

Okay, so Totally Reliable Delivery Service is nothing like Death Stranding.

The game describes itself as “a ragdoll physics simulation about terrible package delivery couriers”.  It has players attempting to make deliveries with chaos being the order of the day.  There is both local and online multiplayer, so expect some hilarious antics with the ragdoll physics and array of vehicles, including cars, choppers and even hot air balloons.  Yes, hot air balloons – because, why not?

Here’s the trailer:

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is out now on Epic Games Store and is 100% free to keep if you pick it up in the next week.

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