CJ in a casino in GTA San Andreas

Top Video Games With iGaming Features

If you’re someone who loves playing videogames and also indulges in online casino games every once in a while, you might have observed the inclusion of casino features in some of the best-known video games of today.

Oftentimes, the casino gaming feature is added only to include a certain type of atmosphere in the game, and at other times it’s an integral part of the game’s storyline. To give you a better idea, here are some top video games that come equipped with casino features these days.

Red Dead Redemption

While playing Red Dead Redemption you get the opportunity to visit some of the authentic Old West kind of gambling saloons. You can indulge in age-old casino card games like blackjack and poker at these places. Additionally, you also get the chance of placing wagers on various types of outcomes, often losing and winning significant amounts of cash. The gambling feature of Red Dead Redemption can be enjoyed both in multiplayer as well as single-player mode.

Grand Theft Auto V – Diamond Casino

Another one of interesting video games with casino feature, Grand Theft Auto V offers various types of fun activities, including high-speed getaways to violent heists to calm yoga sessions, and of course The Diamond Casino! Rockstar Gaming included some additional casino features in GTA Online in 2019. And now players can enjoy online casino games in an entirely novel way through the Diamond Casino & Resort built inside the game. In this casino, you can play all kinds of casino games ranging from the conventional roulette to popular card games. There is also a comprehensive collection of slot games that can deliver handsome cash prizes. In fact, a player could become the lucky winner of a brand-new car too!

Fallout – New Vegas

Casino in Fallout New Vegas

Something that can be expected from any video game themed around Las Vegas, this one too features casino gaming features in all possible areas of the game. There are actually six gaming locations in the game that provide added gambling options. These places are: Ultra-Luxe, Vikki and Vance Casino, Sierra Madre Casino, Gomorrah, The Tops and Atomic Wrangler Casino. The players can indulge in online slot games at each one of these integrated casino environments (except in Ultra-Luxe), and can also play other conventional casino games such as roulette and blackjack. However, as can be witnessed in many land-based casinos, consistently winning players are not allowed to play for very long!

Pokémon Games’ Celadon Game Corner

Another Pokemon slot machine

Anyone who loves playing Pokémon games would know about the Celadon City’s Celadon Game Corner. It’s a place that’s quite like a casino wherein you can indulge in real slot machines. Looking at the Pokémon Generation of I to IV games, this corner is made up of two distinct buildings – a big building situated towards the west (actual Game Corner) and a smaller building towards the east known as the Prize Corner. When playing in the casino, the players can enjoy slot games and win handsome prizes by matching up symbols on the slot reels. The wins are handed out in coins that can be exchanged for various prizes, including Pokémon.