Mario looking out of a window, looking shocked or surprised.

Top Games For New Gamers

Nowadays we have a lot of time on hand because most of us are working from home due to the corona virus scare. The best way to spend time in these trying times is by playing video games. If you are a new gamer and if you feel overwhelmed by looking at the many options that are available, you need not worry because you are at the right place. Given below are the top games for newbies:

Animal Crossing – New Horizons

Nintendo has been a pioneer in gaming. The new Nintendo life simulator has also worked up a large interest in the internet community and many people are using it to while away the time in a nice manner. In New Horizons, the players need to grow the island as they deem fit. This is the best game for new gamers because it is easy to play and understand. The player needs to catch creatures on the island, make the island dense and green by planting trees, sell and buy items and in short make the island a happening place. There are options where a new player can play with multiple players and this makes it all the more interesting. Nintendo also has an active online community where you can talk with other like-minded people and share experience and thoughts. Overall it is a wonderful game for beginners.

Jackbox Party Pack

It is one of the best multiplayer games available for newbies. These are fun party games where you can choose from six different topics. One of the games is Fibbage where you have to lie and do so very convincingly, another one is a trivia game, whereas another favourite is a game where you write verse. You can play this game on your smartphone or tablet; you do not need any additions like game controllers. It is easy to play and easy to understand too.

Mario Kart

MarioKart 8 on the Switch showing Mario racing Luigi in two racing carts with balloons.

Everything about Mario Kart is just Wow. Mario is a game that all of us know, we may have played it at some point of time in our life, it has a magnetic pull to it. The Mario game spinoff Mario Kart is a wonderful game to spend quality time for half an hour or more. It is a great game for newbies and for people who love to play games with their families.

Casino Games

Playing poker in Red Dead Redemption

There are many casino games that a newbie can play online. You even get bonuses for joining. You get extra spins or you get some bitcoins or even cash bonuses to help you jump start the game. There are many websites like that can help you find the best casino games on the market. Play responsibly.

Phoenix Wright

This game is for those who like mystery and who love the law. You play Phoenix Wright a defence attorney who has to help her clients out of helpless situations. You need to get witnesses, get evidence etc., and get your clients exonerated. The cases become tougher but overall it is a really fun and entertaining game.