Top 5 Razer Gaming Mouse

1. Razer DeathAdder V2

Designed for the most advanced gamers, this gaming mouse for computers, next-gen mouse offers an exceptional control that comes along with flawless precision and lightning-fast response. The device is equipped with a cutting-edge sensor technology that allows for a deadly accuracy, reproducing even the most insignificant movements of your hand, ensuring that you perform precise shots and spend little time on setting the target on the enemy. Each curve and sudden twist of direction is captured instantly and integrated in the game. The laser switch allows for touch-free clicks that do not require physical contact, which helps avoid the debounce time. The switch responses in 0.2 milliseconds to each finger command, ensuring a better control over the behavior of game characters.

2. Razer Viper

This mouse comes with an eye-catching ergonomic design that helps you get a firm grip and control your actions in the game in detail. The smart shape fits perfectly the curves of your palm, which helps you avoid discomfort when playing. The mouse comes with rubber pads on each side to allow you to get a strong hold of the device even when your hands are sweaty and slippery. This feature allows also to play using either the fingertip grip or claw grip. The mouse has a universal design that suits both left-handed and right-handed gamers. It is lightweight, reducing the time a movement pattern is drawn, helping you play faster.

3. Razer Basilisk

Basilisk are high-performance mice that offer an impressive gaming experience. They boast an upgraded right-handed design that helps the device ergonomically fit the curves of the player’s palm, allowing for a safe and firm grip and more control in the game. The mouse is equipped with an advanced optical sensor that improves the accuracy resolution, tracking flawlessly each motion of your hand and integrating perfectly your hand commands onto the screen. The latest-generation switches provide an instant response to each click. They can handle more clicks at a time, which gives you a huge advantage while playing shooting games and not only.

4. Razer Naga Trinity

This mouse gives full control in the game, allowing you customize various aspects using a panel of buttons installed right next to your thumb. You can switch your weapons fast, being always ahead of your opponents. The mouse has a streamlined design aimed at taking the exact shape of your palm, providing an excellent control and convenience. The optical sensor built in the mouse delivers a 16 000 DPI reaction speed, capturing each movement your hand does. No matter how fast and intricate a pattern you draw, it will always translate onto the screen, helping you shoot precisely and escape successfully enemy’s attacks.

5. Razer Mamba

This mouse offers a pleasant wireless control, giving you the chance to play up to 50 hours, without having to charge the battery. The right-handed ergonomic design provides an unprecedented comfort while playing, described by a smart shape that fits perfectly the curves of your palm, delivering a tight grip that prevents slips during intense battles, races or shootouts. The mechanical switches are extremely durable, being able to prove excellent sensitivity even after 50 million clicks. The 5G optical sensor adds accuracy and speed to your performance, having the capability to capture each and every movement of your hand, translating it instantly in the game.