3 Tips to Win Big in GTA Online Casinos

Grand Theft Auto Online is arguably the most renowned video game to feature casino gambling. Of course, you will not be using real money when betting in the Diamond Casino & Resort. Instead, you will be exchanging in-game cash for chips. However, you can still gamble, and you can still win, and there are still prizes to be had. Being successful in GTA’s casino requires you to deploy the same logic and strategy you would in any real casino. With that in mind, what you can you do to put yourself in a better position to win big in GTA?

Know Your Odds and Chances of Success

Just as if you were playing in New Jersey’s Borgata online casino app, or another top internet betting site (there will always be more online casinos), you need to become familiar with odds, variance and your chances of success. Some of the games in the GTA casino are games of skill, and others are games of chance. The latter tend to have a 50/50 chance of success at best. With games of skill, it is possible to give yourself a slight edge by deploying Basic Strategy to games like blackjack.

Of the games available in the Diamond Casino & Resort in Grand Theft Auto, three card poker and blackjack are games of skill, while roulette, slots, virtual horse racing and wheel of fortune are games of chance. You can practice playing games of skill for free online, before wagering your GTA cash in the game.

Make Sure You Meet the Wagering Requirements

Just like when playing at an online casino, you often face wagering requirements as an obstacle to cash out your earnings. Those requirements are often set as a multiple of your deposit, bonus, or both.

So before you make a deposit, make sure to check those terms. Sometimes you get stuck with earnings you cannot withdraw and feel tricked. For example, if you are looking for an online casino at https://foxbonus.com/online-casinos/, you can check the wagering requirements directly under each casino by clicking on “Show details”.

A reasonable wagering requirement should be around 35x bonus amount.

You Can Use Betting Strategies

It is possible to use betting strategies when playing in GTA’s online casino. Most of the games you can play (save for slots and wheel of fortune) offer some even money wins – that means you wager $1 and you can win $1. These games are ideal for simple betting strategies, such as the Martingale System.

Using the Martingale System to bet “can” see you win back what you have lost over time. At the very least, you stand a decent shot of breaking even, if not winning untold fortunes. However, it is essential to note that betting systems such as these are ineffective the longer your losing streak gets. As you double your bet when you lose, and reduce it when you win, lengthy losing streaks can see you out of the game early. If you plan on using the Martingale or other betting systems in the GTA casino, make sure you have a suitable balance to see you through beforehand.

Set Your Balance Beforehand

The GTA shark cards, similar to credit cards.

Speaking of balances, it is ideal if you set yours before you play. Yes, if you lose all your money, you can always go back into the game and onto the streets and complete a few missions to recoup your losses. You can save yourself the trouble of having to do this by ensuring that you set a limit on how much of your GTA cash you intend on risking. If you lose, do not burn through the rest of your balance, trying to chase losses.