The Sims 4: Discover University – Why Should You Play This Game?

BY ORI BORCHOV: The Sims 4: Discover University was released on 15th November 2019 for PC and Mac. For the console players, the game became available two days later.  The latest Sims 4 expansion takes players to new campus while two universities are in constant competition with each other: the University of Britechester and the Foxbury Institute.

Talking about the university, the Sims can either go for an off-campus university or have a dorm room. The dorm rooms can be designed by the players playing the game, how they look is up to their creativity. The university will have a big library where the Sims can go and prepare their notes. There’s also a recreational area for the Sims.

An interesting touch is you can have a roommate for your dorm, which can be found by placing an ad that will result in different Sims sending applications, which you can go through and filter out the best ones. You can talk about fairly splitting the household charges and even split up the chores.  How’s that for micromanagement?

There are 13 degrees you can choose from in The Sims 4: Discover University. These include Art History, Biology, Computer Science, Physics, and others. Both of the universities have the same degrees in their curriculum and you’ll need 12-course credits to graduate from the university you’re in. One elective subject can be taken up for the degree per session. The elective subject helps in boosting the character makeup of your sim but doesn’t have any effect on the overall credit scheme.

A great new addition to this version of the Sims is bicycles. Since it is a university-oriented simulation game, the addition of bicycles was much needed. The campuses of both the schools are large in size, and you’ll need a ride to go around.

Among other things, time management is crucial. Classes are in abundance in both of the universities. You’ll have to choose them wisely to make the most out of your time. You just cannot take all of them because it’ll result in a disaster. You will be provided with a coursebook that can help you in improving your Sim’s overall grades. You have to write quality term-papers once a week and make quality presentations too.  Yup, it’s that realistic, but don’t worry – they keep it fun!

You’ll find many extracurricular activities to take part in. Robotics and debate clubs are fun to be a part of. You can debate with other Sims in a friendly manner or work on improving your robotic skills by giving your time in the Robotics club. If you are a part of the Robotics club, you’ll learn how to make basic robots from scratch, which is pretty interesting.

Long-term, there are some new careers you can look up to in this version: Education, Legal, and Engineering.  This gives a good level of replayability, as you educate your Sims and get them their dream new jobs.

The Sims 4: Discover University has many cool additions over the base game and previous expansions.  Play along with your friends and recall your university days. It’s a fantastic game, and you’d get addicted to it if you are a Sims fan.

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