The Industry of eSports Betting

eSports betting is totally different compared with conventional sports, having different rules, strategies, odds and the list can go on. So, before you use websites to place bets, having some information about eSports may make everything even more fun.

So, what does the eSports Betting industry offer you? Well, first of all, it is a great way to get even better at your favorite game, as you will have to analyze the professional teams’ and players’ strategy and playstyle in order to place a safe bet.

You will have to spend a couple of hours a day watching their matches and analyzing them minute by minute in order to determine which team has the best winning strategy.

Moreover, when it comes to betting, the platform you choose must be one that provides you with all the information you need to know before placing a bet. Therefore, let’s look a bit at the eSports stage through the prism of betting.

Betting Market Statistics

We know that some people don’t really think that the eSports betting industry is that big and presume that most of the betting websites out there are fake and don’t offer you the chance of winning a certain prize.

That’s why we have some data for you – according to a reputed statistics website,, in 2015 people have bet around $315 million on eSports. Of course, that is quite a big number, taking into consideration the fact that eSports represent an emerging industry and that the video games fans don’t usually bet.

However, things get interesting as soon as we look at the expected wagered amount for 2020 – namely, around $23,500 million. That’s more than ten times the sum people bet in 2015. Therefore, we can safely say that eSports betting is there, it is legit, and it is profitable.

Betting Platforms

The esports betting at is done in a professional manner – our platform provides you with all the information you need before placing a bet and so much more. Let’s take a look at what we offer our bettors and at what every betting website should offer to their users.

First of all, there should be more than three games to bet on – we know, LoL, DotA 2, and CS: GO are the most popular out there, but not everyone is a fan of them. Some people like Rainbow Six, other like Overwatch, and some even rejoice while playing Starcraft I.

Lots of enemies fighting on grass.

Fortunately, you can bet on those games and a few more on our platform. Naturally, we have information regarding every important event and tournament that’s related to our games so that you always know when something is going to happen.

Information is Power

Obviously, where is betting there should be news as well. A bettor shouldn’t be forced to go look for the information he or she needs on another website. That’s why the news page should contain all the information related to events, teams, players, and so on.

Many people think that, since eSports is theoretically just a bunch of video games, you don’t actually need to know anything about the game in order to place a bet. However, I think we all can agree on the fact that predicting the result of an eSports match can be much more difficult than predicting the end of a football or soccer game.

In the end, make sure that your bet is safely placed and remember to always enjoy the game, no matter if you win or lose!

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