The 3 Best Casinos in Video Games

Video games have continued to grow, creating virtual worlds that are similar to the one we live in. With online gaming thrown into the mix, gaming studios have gone as far as enabling players to interact on the game’s simulated world from their various locations.

In case you’re wondering why anyone would collaborate with players they don’t know, the answer is simple. These games come with quests that earn you achievement badges, points or trophies for completing specified tasks. Through this system, players are encouraged to collaborate so they can complete the game in its entirety.

However, this review will delve into video game casinos since, in recent years, game developers have taken a keen interest in including gambling games such as those found on Casino Sites. Several well-known video games have taken on this form of casino gaming which lets players earn rewards like credits to make in-game purchases. These environments have been made to resemble actual casino floors, featuring slot machines and even tables for gambling card games.

Why Have Gambling Games Within Video Games?

CJ in a casino in GTA San Andreas

The most obvious reason for this is to add more fun within the game. Video games that have online collaboration offer endless ways for players to take a break from the main gameplay. That enables them to refresh their minds, especially when faced with tasks they’re having difficulty with accomplishing.

The in-game casinos are also beneficial when players get to earn credits that help them make purchases. These could help you improve your skills or ranking, which in turn would help you gain access to previously restricted events or missions.

Below, you can have a look at three of the leading video game casinos to have an idea why fans are so drawn to them and their activities.

Fallout New Vegas Casinos

Casino in Fallout New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas is a 2010 release that maintains the same post-apocalyptic wasteland environment that the franchise has been known for since the first version of the game was launched in 1997. However, with this version, players get a chance to indulge in gambling games at six casinos spread out across the landscape. These are the Atomic Wrangler, The Tops, Vicky and Vance, Gomorrah, Ultra-Luxe, and the Sierra Madre casinos. The games you’ll come across at these venues are slots, blackjack, and roulette.

Slots can only be found in five of the six casinos. You will find different machines available, some of which do not function. Just like at a real casino, you can only play by purchasing chips for them. There’s a paytable which defines how you win for the various symbol combinations. However, when compared to online slots machines, the slots in Fallout New Vegas have a no-win symbol which causes the symbols to not line up for a win at times.

With Blackjack games, different casinos have different rules on how the game plays out. These will be indicated based on the table you sit at. Roulette here is mostly left to chance since the house edge isn’t known. From the winnings in all these games, players can choose whether to purchase items like food or alcohol or to enhance things like their suits or armor.

Dragon Quest XI Casino

Dragon Quest XI is a 2017 release that comes with two casinos for its players. These are the Puerto Valor Casino and the Octagonia Casino. Each of these two offers unique prizes for the time you spend there. For you to place bets, you need to purchase tokens using your gold. The games you can play include Roulette, Slots and Poker games. The former casino has a list of 12 rewards for you to claim depending on the number of points you have.

While at Octagonia, you’ll notice that the jackpot prizes are easy to reach. Apart from that, there are two sets of prizes available. There are six rewards you can win before you remove the monsters and more than ten rewards after you remove all the monsters. Rewards after you remove the monsters are also more affordable.

Slots offer the easiest way for players to earn tokens. To get an advantage with your gaming, you can roam the casino and make conversation with the staff. That could avail information on which slots are hot. With Poker games, you can earn a steady but small number of tokens based on your poker skills. As for Roulette, this is the option you should try if you’d like larger rewards. That’s especially if you have a token threshold of over 20,000.

GTA 5 Casino

GTA has always had a strong fan base. The addition of online games enhanced its notoriety among fans. In July 2019, GTA 5’s Diamond Casino opened its doors to fans. It was an event full of pomp and color as there was an actual in-game celebration.

While at the casino, players can try out Blackjack, Three-card Poker, Roulette, and Slots themed after GTA property. There are also virtual horse races you can take part in. In case you desire instant prizes, the Lucky Wheel can award you with cash, chips, clothes and even a supercar.

When you step into the casino lobby, you’ll be astounded by the resemblance it holds to an actual casino floor. Unlike the other casinos in this list, you’ll notice impeccable images of the exterior and interior decor, the lighting and floor arrangement, making this one of the most realistic casinos available.

Players use chips to play these games for virtual rewards. However, with this casino, you can purchase chips using real money. But keep in mind that you cannot convert your virtual casino winnings for real money. Apart from playing games, you can use the credits to earn a VIP membership by purchasing the casino’s master penthouse.

In addition to the experience you gain while playing at this casino, the developers also included a Casino Heist channel.

When you step into the casino lobby, you’ll be astounded by the resemblance it holds to an actual casino floor. Unlike the other casinos in this list, the interior decor lighting, and floor arrangement makes this one of the most realistic options available.

Gambling Laws Restricting Player Access

Although players crave realistic online experiences, it’s worth noting that not all authorities are on-board with options like video game gambling. They feel that this should be considered as gambling and not the loot box gaming system. It’s a serious enough issue, that based on where you reside, you may not even be able to enter GTA’s virtual casino to play casino games.