Telltale’s Monkey Island Returns to Steam and GOG

The closure of Telltale Games was a low-point for me personally – I love Telltale games and rank the Game of Thrones game as one of my favorite games ever.  More upsetting than the loss of future Telltale Games was the loss of previous games, as several of Telltale’s games were delisted on Steam and other stores, making them no longer available for sale.

Some games returned, with enhanced versions of the originals being sold, but others seemed destined to be forgotten.  One of the least praised but equally brilliant games to have disappeared is Tales of Monkey Island, which has returned to Steam and GOG.

A lot of Telltale Games’ other titles are still not available for purchase anywhere, but there is hope that they will return in the weeks to come.  In the meantime, I’ll be picking up Tales of Monkey Island: Complete Pack, as it is one of the few Telltale creations that I have missed.