Shenmue 3’s Next Expansion Takes Players Gambling On A Cruise Ship

Shenmue 3’s next piece of DLC, The Big Merry Cruise, is due to release on 17th March and will let players take Ryo on a cruise ship moored in Niaowu Harbour.

Sure, you won’t be able to see distant islands, but you will be able to gamble your money on some minigames.  That’s a win, right?

The Big Merry Cruise DLC will also feature exclusive challenges which will give Ryo some new outfits.  Whether you can bet the shirt off of your back is still unknown (but doubtful).

Shenmue 3’s formal DLC announcements have confirmed what we all suspected – the Season Pass isn’t worth picking up.  Two of the three only add minigames, with only one of them being story-based.

You can pick up Shenmue 3 on the Epic Games Store.

Written by Dorothy Jones