Rogue Legacy 2 Comes to Early Access on 23rd July

Rogue Legacy 2 has today received a new trailer and a release date.

Developer Cellar Door Games has confirmed that it will launch into Early Access on Steam and the Epic Games Store on 23rd July 2020.

Here’s the trailer:

The Easy Access approach will enable the developers to release several major updates to improve the game over time, including adding new features and things like new biomes.  You can expect several smaller updates too, keeping the improvements coming in between the larger releases.

Rogue Legacy 2 is expected to be in Early Access for at least a year, during which time its introductory price is expected to rise from $20 to $25 before settling at $30 or higher on full release.

You can add Rogue Legacy 2 to your wishlist today, and pick up the original Rogue Legacy to tide you over for the next month.

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