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Top 9 Reasons PC Gaming is Better Than Console Gaming

BY ANGELA WORLEY: For years, gamers have debated whether PCs or consoles are the best way to play. Both certainly have their merits, but in today’s market, PCs are undoubtedly superior in terms of price, customization and more.

Let’s break down the top nine reasons PC gaming is better than console gaming.

You save money.

If money is your bottom line, a PC will be much kinder on your budget than a gaming console.

You will likely pay more upfront for a PC than a console, but prices have come down a lot recently. You can shop new or used desktops, and some people are even building their own custom gaming PCs for less than $600. Whether you want a brand new desktop computer or a refurbished one, you have more control over the price.

An amazing green PC gaming set up.

You’ll also save in the long run with games, thanks to subscription services like Steam and Origin. And with a PC, you get access to tons of free-to-play games, like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2.

Consoles may be cheaper upfront, but you often get stuck with expensive monthly subscription services. It’s much easier to tailor costs to your individual budget with a PC.

Upgrading is easier.

On a similar note, upgrading a console can be frustrating and expensive. After a few system upgrades, you don’t have many other options other than selling it and buying a newer model.

A blue watercooled PC.

With PCs, however, you can upgrade individual pieces of hardware — you don’t have to start from scratch every few years.

You have more game options.

You also have a lot more gaming options when you choose a PC.

A list of Steam video games.

Console games are becoming less and less exclusive to their devices. PC games, however, remain exclusive. So if playing a variety of games is important to you, a PC will give you far more options than a console.

There are more hidden features.

Networks of PC gamers have modified games to include a number of easter eggs — like this Skyrim gem — only available on computers.

PCs have better graphics.

Depending on how you configure your PC, the visuals can be absolutely stunning.

A man in a black mask with a cigar looking surprised.

Consoles have incredible graphics, of course, but a few simple upgrades to your PC can go a long way.

Two words: Backwards compatibility.

Love classic games? A PC allows you to play games from 10 years ago much more seamlessly than a console. Even if your games are older than 10 years, there are workarounds on PCs you just can’t find on an Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo.

You get more customization.

As you game, you tend to improve and grow your skills. With a console, you can’t do much to boost your device’s power after you reach a certain level of mastery.

But with a PC, you can make custom upgrades. You can change out the processor, graphics card, RAM, motherboard, and more. You can even play with custom cooling to ensure your computer keeps up with you.

There are more controller options.

Typically, there’s one type of control for each console. You can certainly customize the appearance of that controller, but that’s about it.

With a PC, though, you can use a number of different controllers, gaming pads and keyboards to play.

You can do more than game.

Finally, PCs are much more versatile than consoles. You likely need a computer for other purposes, like working, paying bills, etc. Why pay for a separate gaming console when you can use your existing computer?

And if you live with someone, they’ll likely want access to the television sometimes. If you have a PC, you can game while they watch their favorite movies and shows.

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