Prison Architech Has Another Free Update Coming Next Month

Prison Architect and No Man’s Sky seem to be of the same breed, in that they just keep being updated years after release.

Prison Architect tasks players with creating the perfect prison then micro-managing their prison to keep the prisoners from escaping or rioting, all while trying to generate enough funds to keep on investing.  It’s a lot of fun.

Prison Architect continues to be actively supported by Paradox Interactive, who acquired it early last year.  Paradox Interactive’s updates include The Clink (which added toilet searches – nice) and Psych Ward.

It turns out that there are more updates on the way, as next month Cleared for Transfer will be released for free.  The update enables players to create custom security sectors, grant special privileges to certain areas, and transfer prisoners between security sectors using user-set requirements. New actions, including shakedowns, tunnel searches, and sector-based lockdown will also be added.  There will also be more rooms types and objects added.

The Prison Architect Cleared for Transfer update will be released on 14th May.