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PC Gaming Setup Tips from the Experts

BY CHRIS MILBY: For the ultimate gaming experience, you need to optimize every aspect of your gaming PC. Everything needs to be just right or else the small imperfections will throw you off your game.

You’ve probably seen images of picture-perfect PC gaming rigs and thought, ‘wow, how can I set up a gaming rig like that’? It takes some creativity and works to set up the ultimate PC gaming rig. Here are some tips from the experts to get you started.

Pick the Right Equipment

It takes more than a CPU and monitor to make a PC gaming rig. Some games are complex and require special rigs, so go for a PC built specifically for gaming. It will have the right power to handle all sorts of games, and your gaming experience will be flawless. You should also consider getting a 4K gaming monitor to deliver the ultimate video output. Other important equipments you should consider getting are headphones, a camera, microphone, speakers, and anything else you may need for gaming.

Pick the Right Space

Gaming is serious business, literally, because professional gamers rake in six-figure salaries doing what they love most. If you are serious about gaming, you will need a dedicated space – and we are not talking about your bedroom. Choose a room that isn’t regularly used and that will afford you some privacy – the basement, if neat, should play the part.

An amazing green PC gaming set up.

Once you find the right space, arrange it just right into the ideal gaming environment. Put up cool wallpapers and décor, and play with the lights to set the mood. You should also consider sound-proofing it as it can get really loud in there.

Set It Up

Once the room is ready, you can go on and begin installing your gaming equipment. Pick the right space so that everything fits – it should be neither too big nor too small. Bring in the furniture first as it will lay the foundation of your gaming hub. Next, bring in the PC and other supporting equipment. Most importantly, do not forget to set up a cooler for your PC as things can get really hot in there. Finally, add the other décor you may need to optimize the gaming environment.

Join the Trend – Play with Lighting

There are many current trends among gamers. However, the biggest must be lighting, and we are not talking about the light from your bulbs since we already covered that. We are talking about RGB lighting.

RGB lighting is designed to sync with the audio from your game. The lights are always changing to match the pace and tempo of your game’s audio. You can choose which mix of lights to use. You can integrate the lights with the keyboard, speakers, and other gaming equipment. There is something about the lights that makes gaming feel more thrilling.

In addition to RGB lighting, you will also need a powerful sound system – headphones are good, but you cannot have headphones on for hours on end. Choose a powerful speaker that will bring out the real essence of the game’s audio. Remember, the thrill from a game mostly comes from the visual and audio aspects.

Open the Doors to the World

As mentioned before, you have probably seen images of the coolest PC gaming rigs. Now, how would you like to show off your room too, now that you have set it up according to expert advice? You should, and you can by streaming your gaming experiences live on streaming sites such as Twitch and YouTube – you never know, you just could be the next PewDiePie and make millions of dollars doing what you love most.

You will need two important things to stream your gaming experience live: a web camera and a good microphone. The web camera will let your fans and viewers see you as you do your thing – your game will be streamed through other software, so that is covered. It is important that your viewers see you so that they can connect intimately with you – also, be sure to set it up just right so that the viewers get a look at your ultimate gaming rig and room.

The microphone will let you speak to your audience. This is just as important as letting your viewers see you. You will need to keep your audience updated on what you are doing and what you plan to do going ahead. You can also (and should) strike small conversations with your audience and show them that you are easy-going.

Final Word

See, it is not difficult to set up the ultimate PC gaming rig. You just need to be creative and organized. Now that you know how to do it, get down to it and enjoy doing what you love doing most in style. And be sure to let us see it once it is up and running!

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