Why PC Gaming Will Always Be Better Than Console Gaming

Games consoles continually steal the spotlight, but for the most hardcore of hardcore gamers, PC gaming will always be the best option.

Sure, you miss out on a few exclusives (unless you use console streaming services), but in exchange, you have more control over hardware, better graphics, and cheaper gamers.  That’s a win, by the way.

Is control of hardware a big deal?  I mean, isn’t just best to have a console that guarantees you a decent gaming experience for the next 5+ years?  Well, sure, that’s fine if you want to ignore the fact that technology makes significant advances every year and that in even 2-3 years, PCs will be able to offer an insanely improved gaming experience.

PC gamers have the option to have the best gaming experience today and in 3 years time, should they wish to.  They won’t have to compromise their gaming experience by using the dated technology trapped within a console’s shell.  Each component in their gaming PC can be upgraded and switched out whenever they like.  Gamers who want to stay on the bleeding edge of video games shouldn’t even consider a console at this point.

Console hardware isn’t upgradeable.  Technically speaking, that makes them “obsolete” from day one, though realistically speaking, it takes a few years for the cracks to begin to show in comparison with PCs.  While console gamers are stuck with the components their consoles launched with, wishing they had the option to upgrade components to make games look better and take advantage of improved graphics, PC gamers can game on knowing that they are always going to be ahead of console players.  Consoles remain static while PCs can continue to evolve.

Let’s not get it twisted.  Games on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 look nice and the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles will certainly blow the current console games out of the water.  Comparing even this generations graphics with those of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is like night and day. What is forgotten is that the jump in graphics between console generations is a much smoother transition for PC gamers.  And, that’s forgetting that console components aren’t usually the best-in-class even on release, as Sony and Microsoft try to keep their costs down to keep their consoles “affordable” for the mass market.

A 3 screen gaming PC set up in purple.

If you want to play video games at their best, then you’re not a “mass market” gamer.  You’re a hardcore gamer and you should be a PC gamer.

Of course, your PC gaming experience will be determined by how powerful your rig is.  PC gaming doesn’t have to be expensive.  You don’t need to blow $5,000 on a monster gaming PC to out-perform consoles; you could drop a quarter or even a fifth of that and have a PC that will out-perform consoles, with the option to upgrade down the line.  And that’s not taking into account that graphics and media workstations are also dual-purpose, giving functionality plus the ability to game from the same system.  Heck, you could drive more website traffic to your business in between taking away the steps to your swimming pool in the Sims.  If you’re that way inclined, I mean.  Ahem.

There is a price difference between console gaming and PC gaming, but that price difference is down to you as a gamer.  If you factor in the savings on buying games, you’ll find that you will likely even save money by switching to PC gaming.

And, did I mention mods?  No?  Okay.  Well, there’s mods.  Mods which give PC gamers the ability to completely transform titles which are stuck in their “vanilla” form on consoles.  Everyone references Skyrim, but everything from GTA V to DOOM (the original, and best) can be modded to have improved graphics, better controls, or just Macho Man Randy Savage as a dragon.  Don’t hate the player, hate the game (sorry, game).

If you’re a gamer considering whether the make the jump to PC gaming, I’d urge you to do so.  Gaming will never be the same.

Written by Dorothy Jones