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3 Nintendo Switch Games That Are Actually Educational

BY MARGARET MINT: If we’re honest, gaming is rarely seen as something educational.  While many games do help with hand-eye coordination and teamwork, there’s often very little resembling “teaching” once you load up your favourite video game.

In the 21st century, so-called gamified learning is a big thing. Since many people enjoy playing video games so much, some teachers are working to actively integrate video games into activities in schools and colleges to make lessons more fun, engaging and effective.  Soon students won’t even need EssayPro help to get through!

But even outside of the classroom, there are many “normal” video games that you or your children can play that are actually educational.  Focusing purely on the Nintendo Switch, we found a decent selection of titles to stealthily teach your children while they have fun.

Here is a list of Nintendo Switch games that are actually educational, whether you’re an adult gamer, a parent, college student, teacher, or a first-grader, here are some options that you might enjoy:

Civilization 6

Let’s start with something for the history-buffs, shall we?  Yes, Civilization, a title that should appeal to both teens and adults. 

Civilization is a fun and sometimes challenging strategy title that allows players to build their own empires. One of the main reasons why it is suitable for high school and college students is that it requires a certain understanding of the basics of political structures, domestic and foreign relations, and even a bit of economics in order to succeed.  

Also, Civilization 6 includes some historical insights. Thus, it is not just a great game to pass the time, but also a useful tool to help in enhancing a whole range of skills, including problem-solving, mapping, and critical thinking while building your knowledge. 

Letter Quest Remastered

Probably one of the best Nintendo Switch titles for students of different ages is Letter Quest Remastered. One of the best things about this game is that it will suit pretty much anyone from a first-grader through to the end of high school.  The quest can be adjusted to players’ skill levels.

How can students benefit from it? This combat game requires players to spell words in order to survive and move to the next level. Thus, it teaches phonics, linguistics, and improves word analysis skills.

Letter Quest can be an excellent way to expand one’s vocabulary, which is important for people of all ages.  With all these benefits in mind, we can say with confidence that this is one of universal Nintendo games for education!


So, LABO kits are not technically games, though trying to assemble them requires more hand-eye coordination than the average video game.  They’re great fun to assemble and really sets the Nintendo Switch apart from other consoles.

What benefits can it have for you? These kits basically focus on boosting one’s engineering skills. There are various pre-sets that allow you to create different objects for a better gaming experience. Every item created with LABO kits integrates with the Switch.

Final Words

Excessive gaming could be a real obstacle for students studying in school or college. Or at least that’s what most non-gamers seem to think – I did fine and so did many other hardcore gamers. 

For decades, people believed that such activities are distracting young minds from education and other chores. However, studies show that playing video games can boost learning and some skills. With the right choice of games, students can actually learn and play at the same time! Hopefully, you will find the games listed here fun and effective for studying!