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How To Make Your Gaming Room More Pleasant

We all know how possible it is to spend many an hour sat at our gaming desk, playing our favourite games online. We become so immersed that the outside world fades into the background; we’re all about winning the next game. Then we snap out of the game and realise that, oh boy, we’ve been playing for five hours (at least!). Because our gaming rooms are all about the gaming experience, we don’t always pay as much attention to the atmosphere of the room as we should. However, it’s recommended that we do — aside from making our homes more enjoyable, it also helps us to focus on our gaming. It’s much better to spend hours playing in a calm and agreeable room. 

Below, we take a look at a few tried and tested tips for keeping your room in check.

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What Really Needs to Be There?

First thing’s first — what needs to be in your gaming room? It’s possible that you’re storing more than necessary, especially if it has been your dedicated room for playing games for a few years. Take a look around, and clear out any items that you know you no longer want or need. You might be surprised at just how space you’re able to clear. The items that you clear can then be sold, or donated if you’re feeling charitable

I personally keep my most prized gaming possessions on display, such as my retro gaming consoles and original Game Boy collection.  Having fewer items means that my setup looks less like a retro gaming shop and gives more attention to what is on display.

Ditch the Wires

The tech is the biggest part of the room, but it’s also, sometimes, the bulkiest. Just take a look at all the wires that are crisscrossing your room. They can induce stress just by looking at them! As such, it’s worthwhile looking to ditch the cables wherever possible, and conceal the rest. For example, you can take a look at getting the best wireless mouse for Mac or PC — in this day and age, you just don’t need to have wires if there’s a wireless alternative available. For the ones that are unavoidable, look at tying them into one neat package, and tuck them out of sight. 

Keep it Light and Airy

When we think of the atmosphere of a gaming room, we usually think about a vibe that is dark and dingy. While there are advantages to having a dark place when you’re playing, when you’re not, it’s best to look at bringing the light. It might seem like a small thing to draw back the curtains and open the window, but it’ll help to keep things feeling fresh. 

Cleaning Up

You can’t settle into a long night of gaming without a few supplies by your side, including snacks and drinks. After a long night though, there’s going to be a little bit of mess — crumbs, spills, empty cans, and so on. As such, it’ll be in your interests to clean up properly after every intensive session. It might seem like those few crumbs aren’t doing much damage, but when spread over a longer period, they’ll create a space that looks and feels a little worse for wear. A quick vacuum and a wipe with a cloth will help massively.  It’s a small thing that makes a big difference.

Those are my top tips for keeping your gaming room as pleasant as possible, helping you to focus more on what is most important — gaming.  What are YOUR key gaming items that you have on display in your game room?

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