3 NFL players in Madden

Madden 18: 3 Positions To Draft Early in a Fantasy Draft

Madden 18 is set to release on August 25; we’ve written about the key positions to consider in the Franchise Mode’s Fantasy Draft.

You will need to consider your personal play-style – this guide may or may not work for you depending on how you like to line-up.

When looking at attributes and player ages, this guide has looked at the long-game rather than the short-term; yes, Tom Brady is rated higher than Marcus Mariota, but Mariota is only 23. We’re building for the future.

Here are the key positions to target in the early rounds:

3. Wide Receiver

Being able to trust your receivers catching ability will open up so many doors for your team and will fill you will confidence going forward.  Additionally, speed has always been an important facet of Madden games, something the wide receiver position will provide.

Our top picks: Mike Evans, Odell Beckham Jr. and Julio Jones.

2. EDGE Rushers

Outside pass rushers are the foundation that a defense, and thus, a team should be built on.  They provide consistent pressure which can lead to bad throws from quarterbacks.  If you can ruin a quarterbacks game you significantly improve your chance of winning.

Our top picks: Khalil Mack, Joey Bosa and Chandler Jones.

1. Quarterback

I know, I know; everyone chooses quarterbacks first – but an accurate quarterback with a good arm is a fundamental cornerstone to a winning franchise.  The difference between a good and a bad quarterback could be the difference between a winning or struggling.

Our top picks: Andrew Luck, Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota.

Who are your top picks?