League Of Legends The Fiddlesticks Rework: What To Look Forward To

BY FABIO: For many that have been playing League of Legends for a while now, several champions have become outdated. With poor abilities and outdated graphics, it is time for those to see a new update in the long term. In this article, we will be looking into the Fiddlesticks rework and what the fans of the game can look forward to in the near future.

The Decision Was Yours

Back in 2019, the decision to allow users to vote was made. The vote allowed them the opportunity to choose which champion they would like to see completely revamped in 2020. This vote saw fans of the game choose Fiddlesticks and Volibear as the character that they would love to see have a complete revamp. From the gameplay, visuals, story and animations as well as voice acting, this is all set to change for many who are looking to play the game in 2020.

The Terrifying Upgrade Revealed

Flash forward 9 months and we have seen the first glimpse of what has been done to completely revamp this favourite character. From the inhuman design to a brand-new terrifying voice, this is set to be a huge change for those making gameplays. As part of his narrative, the character has been created as an Ambush character. He not only has weapons and other tricks up his sleeves, but tactics can be created to ensure that your character can make waves and help you to become a champion. This is set to be a huge benefit for League of Legends esports events as he is set to become a valuable member of any players line up.

During this redesign stage, there has also been a lot of talk around what faction he will fit into. Whether it is the supernatural or a Demon, the concept art for Fiddlesticks look terrifying. This is set to make a huge change for many when playing in the game as a new storyline and list of abilities is yet to be announced.

What Can You Look Forward To?

His Abilities

From what we know so far, several passive and targeting abilities are on offer from this rework. These not only help to scare the enemy but also attack people making him one of the best for those looking to divide and conquer the enemy team.

Below are some of the abilities that the new rework possesses:

A Harmless Scarecrow – The trinket that he once had has now been replaced with effigies. These are activated when enemy champions who approach them. This causes a random action such as an attack. When this has been activated, the effigy then destroys itself. The character can hold up to two effigies at once and the higher level that Fiddlesticks is the cooldown length decreases.

Terrify- When out of combat fiddlesticks abilities can damage the enemy leaving them terrified and running away from the enemy. When in active mode, he can terrify the target he can also inflict double damage for those that have already been terrified making him a lethal opponent to have in any team.

Bountiful Harvest– Fiddlesticks drains the soles of nearby enemies. This causes continuous damage and can be used on several enemies at once.

Reap– slows the enemies in a crescent shape in front of him. The enemies that are in the centre are silenced and receive the most damage.

Crowstorm – Channels and then blinking into the target location. This continuously damaged the nearby enemy for several seconds, making this ideal in the long term.

With these exciting new abilities as well as a completely new voice and redesign, this is the perfect way for you to enjoy the new character and all his new abilities to benefit your team. Will you be using Fiddlesticks when the update is released?