Iron Harvest Delayed on the Epic Games Store

Iron Harvest launched today on Steam and while those who purchased it on everyone’s favourite PC launcher (since that is a thing) can play the game, those who stumped up the cash on Epic Game Store have had to watch on in envy.

For whatever reason, Iron Harvest has still not been released on Epic Game Store as was expected, and is now listed as “coming soon”.  Deep Silver is offering refunds on preorders which suggests that the delay may not be as soon as one might think.

Reviews for Iron Harvest have been mixed – while some outlets have given the game generally positive reviews, players on Steams have given it a “mixed” rating, citing missing features, such co-op support, leaderboards, ranked and quick play, and even Steam achievements and controller support, as reasons.  It should be noted that all of these points are promised on the store page but not yet in the game.

Whether the luke-warm response has something to do with it is anyone’s guess.  Maybe Steam has snapped up an exclusive?  Unlikely.

I’m going to wait until Iron Harvest releases as a free game on Epic, at which point I’ll add it to my pile of shame.  But, that’s just me.