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An Elite Dangerous Article Was Here

Elite Dangerous has a seemingly infinite galaxy to explore.  We interviewed one of the most hated CMDRs. Then deleted it.

So, I don’t usually do this but I am deleting this article.

It has been brought to my attention that the thread in relation to this post on the official Frontier forums has turned ugly.

I’m fine with receiving comments from people who disagree with an article I’ve written – debating gaming topics is one of the best things about what I do.  But, this has turned into something not worth debating.

I do not want my website – something I love dearly and put a lot of my personal time into – to become a vehicle for hatred.

Elite Dangerous is devoid of characters who I either love or hate; they’re just avatars.  I wrote this article to highlight a character I wish had been created by Frontier to add some narrative.  On reflection, I should have focused an article on the point that the game needs more purpose and more meaningful characters, rather than promoting the actions of the subject.

Thank you for reading.  Fly safe.


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  1. Zarek Null is a combat logger, task killer thus cheater, so basically you are promoting ED cheater. There are various sources showing his combat logging.

    • I accept that he Combat Logs. I cannot defend that.

      I just find it admirable that he plays a character so convincingly; if Elite Dangerous had characters like this then there would be no need, but as a roleplayer, he plays a villain we’d all like to destroy.

      I appreciate the comment!

  2. Sorry you deleted the article. as a ps4 owner I haven’t been able to play yet, but I found the whole article and forum combo really inspiring.
    It has the is a lot of passion about piracy. But so there should be and I thought your article showed a really good example of how a pirate should be played. A real character, making his attacks something to remember and a story to share. That’s exactly what the elite universe should have in it and the fact that it is totally player led is brill.

    The combat logging though, admittedly, is a bit pants.

    • I really appreciate the comment, it means a lot. I stumbled upon the forum thread this afternoon and was honestly appalled at what my article had created.

      Zarek does play a great character, and I stand by that. But beyond that, I feel as though my article has been used as bait to create unrest in the Elite community and I want absolutely no part in such things. I have never deleted an article before but I know I have done it for moral reasons.

      I, too, love the concept of roleplaying in video games, which is what drove me forward with writing the article. I love Elite but feel it needs more substance, and really the article was a cry out for more of that narrative to exist in a game that could thrive with it.

      You’ll love Elite when you finally get it. I’m 60+ hours in and I’ve barely scratched the surface.

  3. You made the right decision in deleting the article, this person was not some notoriously famous griefer, he was just a pathetically sad, attention-seeking non-entity whom nobody at the Elite Forums had ever even heard of. Respect for your decision, integrity is a rare commodity in journalism.

  4. People need to stop whining about combat logging so much. Yes, it sucks. No, I don’t do it. It’s not exactly sportsman-like behavior. It’s also not something that ruins the game as some make it out to be. You attack someone and win, die, run, or combat log. Whatever the case may be, you still won. Why is the knowledge that you won not enough, but it must be accompanied with the knowledge you cost someone their rebuy? For people that like to make fun of “whining carebear pve-ers”, pvp-ers sure do whine a lot.

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