The Elite Dangerous cockpit HUD, looking out to a burning sun.

An Elite Dangerous Article Was Here

Elite Dangerous has a seemingly infinite galaxy to explore.  We interviewed one of the most hated CMDRs. Then deleted it.

So, I don’t usually do this but I am deleting this article.

It has been brought to my attention that the thread in relation to this post on the official Frontier forums has turned ugly.

I’m fine with receiving comments from people who disagree with an article I’ve written – debating gaming topics is one of the best things about what I do.  But, this has turned into something not worth debating.

I do not want my website – something I love dearly and put a lot of my personal time into – to become a vehicle for hatred.

Elite Dangerous is devoid of characters who I either love or hate; they’re just avatars.  I wrote this article to highlight a character I wish had been created by Frontier to add some narrative.  On reflection, I should have focused an article on the point that the game needs more purpose and more meaningful characters, rather than promoting the actions of the subject.

Thank you for reading.  Fly safe.