How To Game On A Budget

There are so many challenges as an adult gamer. Challenges that just did not feature in our minds as kids. When we were kids our games were bought for us and the biggest wall that we came up against was our parents telling us that we had to switch off and join in with family life once more. Now that we are adults, we realise that along with the endless challenge of finding the time to game, it can be expensive to keep up with everything that we would like to. Which is where we come in today as we share a few tips of how to game on a budget. 

Shop around for the latest deals

There are always new deals being released across all gaming platforms as retailers battle to offer the best offers. Handily there are also great sites out there that share the latest offers, along with dipping into the gaming community and forums for updates. As a very minimum, you should Google for the best prices before buying and look out for any promotional codes before checking out. 

Whether you take the time to shop around and get the best price for Xbox One controller or you are searching for the best price on a new release, allow yourself at least half an hour to carry out a little research as it could save you a significant amount of money. 

Sign up to a subscription service

You can opt to sign up to a gaming subscription service as most consoles offer a service like this.

This one is a handy option as the monthly fee allows you to budget for it easily every month. You can set it up to go straight out on payday and you know that you have your gaming covered throughout the year. 

Share games

You cannot be the only adult gamer that you know, which means that you could actually have access to double, triple or quadruple the amount of games that you own just by having gamer friends. 

Agreeing to share games with one another will allow you to play many more and you could even agree to take it in turns to buy the latest releases. We realise that this means that you are not all accessing them on release date, but it is then up to you which ones you feel you can wait for and those that you simply need straightaway. 

Buy second hand

There are hundreds of possibilities for you if you buy second hand and the savings can be substantial.

Along with the big auction and selling sites, there are many dedicated sections within games shops, such as CeX and Game. You can pick up second hand consoles, along with hundreds of games. 

The latest games see the smallest reductions, of course, and Nintendo Switch games hold their value well so rarely have a decent discount even on games over a year old. However older games on other consoles can see discounts of up to fifty percent, depending on their popularity. This works well if you are prepared to wait for the latest releases or if you have an old favourite that you are keen to play again. 

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