Agent 47 in Hitman wearing a tuxedo in front of a boat and some buildings.

Hitman 3 Will Be an Epic Game Store Exclusive

IO Interactive has revealed that Hitman 3 will be an Epic Store exclusive when it releases in 2021.

In the announcement, IO Interactive CEO Hakan Abrak said the following: “This partnership with Epic has given us the freedom to create the game exactly as we imagined for our fans and for our community uncompromised.”

Alongside the announcement, a trailer was released, which has got me hankering to play some Hitman.  Now.

Check the trailer out:

While I’m not a fan of Epic snatching up exclusives, I appreciated that IO Interactive will be self-publishing Hitman for the first time and that Epic’s cash may very well give the team the opportunity to make the Hitman game they have always wanted to.

Stay tuned for more Hitman information.