GOG Galaxy 2.0 Update 5 Adds Gaming Subscriptions

GOG Galaxy 2.0, the unified game launcher, has released a new update which brings the functionality to include your gaming subscriptions.

Adding the likes of Game Pass for PC to your game list will no doubt make your pile-of-shame even more intimidating, but it’s great to see the GOG Galaxy 2.0 continuing to make strides which will mean that you literally don’t need to load up another interface to play games.


  • New feature: Subscriptions – display & manage games owned from subscriptions
  • New feature: Sorting Titles – fine-tune your library with custom sorting titles for games
  • Brought back the ability to launch additional executables for GOG.COM games (e.g. map editors, manuals)
  • Added the ability to add custom executables with command line arguments for all installed games
  • Added the ability to manage arguments for GOG.COM game executables (by duplicating and editing existing entries)
  • Added the ability to choose the default executable for all installed games
  • Added more options to the context (right-click) menu on both Grid and List Views: – Additional executables
  • Manage installation – Check for updates (GOG.COM games only)
  • Rate – Multiple UI improvements within the Download View
  • Added status icons to List View
  • Improved scroll performance on list view
  • Various minor design changes and improvements


  • Fixed issues when switching to a different GOG.COM account


  • Fixed multiple issues that could impact the reliability of the GOG GALAXY updater
  • Fixed an issue where “What’s New” would not be shown after updating from GOG GALAXY 1.2

GOG.COM Games:

  • Fixed an issue preventing some users from installing games (scriptinterpreter.exe, E4 error)


  • Fixed an issue where some games could not be run even though plugin reported them as compatible with the current OS

GOG Galaxy 2.0 is due to come out of beta soon, so if you’re not already using it, keep an eye out for your GOG Galaxy 1.2 launcher updating when the time comes.