Get For the King For Free On Epic Games Store

For the King is now available on Epic Game Store for free for a whole week.

For The King is a challenging blend of strategy, turn-based combat, and roguelike elements. Each playthrough is unique with procedural maps, quests, and events. Explore Fahrul in either single-player, local, or online co-op.  Given the multiplayer aspects, it’s a good opportunity to encourage your friends to pick up this game for free so that you can play together while the coronavirus lockdown continues in many countries.

Over on Steam, For the King has “Very Positive” reviews, so it isn’t just fodder for your pile of shame – it’s a game that you should actually download and play.

This week marks Epic Games Store’s switch back to giving away one free game a week (rather than two).

Next week things get even better as Amnesia: The Dark Descent gets added as the free game on the Epic Games Store.  Amnesia: Rebirth is due for release later this year, so it will be a great opportunity to see whether the next instalment in the franchise will be for you.

For the King is free on Epic Games Store until 30th April.